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Your complete solution for order management and reporting.

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In this 24/7, self-service world, we all have grown accustomed to instant access, and increasingly expect information and service on demand. What’s more, as you are focused on ways to cut costs, employees are being asked to focus on higher-value activities, rather than spending time on routine tasks.

Our Web-based portal gives you the ability to manage your accounts. You can place orders, check invoices, review pricing and more.

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How can it help you

  • Real-time, 24 x 7 access.
  • Complete solution for order management and reporting.
  • Order at your convenience via online or mobile devices.
  • Richer product information.

What makes it unique

  • Robust search functions
  • Accurate inventory, allocation and pricing
  • Order creation using multiple order guides
  • Par-level ordering on all guides
  • Order visibility, reporting and administration
  • Items scanned into order for your convenience
  • Accounts payable review, including detailed invoices
  • Dashboard views; usage reporting
  • iPad support module; Safari and Android support